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San Antonio Families #3

Date: 2014-10-18
Location: Weston Centre

San Antonio Families Chess Tournament #3

Register online at the registration site.

This is a 3 round USCF rated swiss system chess tournament for advanced kids and adults. Participation is open to anyone rated at least 500. Games use the slow increment time control of G/60+30. Non-beginners of all ages, both kids and adults, can challenge others at their level in a family friendly setting.

The tournament is organized by Castle Chess of San Antonio (USCF Affiliate A6043024), in friendly cooperation with the San Antonio Chess Club, whose members are welcome.


Weston Centre, Geekdom Event Center (11th floor)
112 E Pecan St
San Antonio, TX 78205

Free Parking is available in the Weston Centre parking garage. Enter from Soledad.


A variable number of small sections will formed by dividing the player pool in rank order by USCF rating, so that sections are roughly evenly sized with no more than 8 players per section.

Maximum 64 players for this month; must have a USCF rating >= 600 (scholastic and adult; no unrated players).

Use of clocks and taking of notation is required and will be enforced of all players in all sections. Sets and notation sheets will be provided. Please bring clocks.

Under some circumstances, sections will be allowed to play a rated "bonus game" that does NOT count towards prizes. Players of a section that completes all three games by 3pm will be eligible to play the bonus game.


Register online at the registration site .

The entry fee is $20 if payment if received online via paypal by Thursday prior; otherwise $25 on site. On Site registration is allowed from 8:15am to 8:45am, subject to space availability. If you paid in advance, you will be paired and your clock started even if you are not present, per USCF rules. At 8:45am sharp, pairings will be made and unpaid players are not paired. Walk-ins should check the registration page to see if the tournament has space available.

Refund policy: full refunds are available if requested in any medium by midnight Wednesday of the week before the event. After that, no refund is allowed. Registrations may not be transferred.


Variable prizes: $120 1st and $60 2nd in top section based on 30 players; $60 1st and $30 2nd per section guaranteed; and $30 cash prize to top family of related players counting any two family members across sections. Pairing team blocks honored at director’s discretion, but score group takes priority (variation 28N3 for all score groups). Optional 4th round offered in sections finishing before 3pm, but all prizes based on first 3 rounds.

Because of the small sections and the small number of rounds, we will NOT prearrange 1/2 point byes. Zero-point byes are allowed.


  • 8:15am - On Site registration starts.

  • 8:45am - On Site registration ends. Sections finalized and pairing created.

  • 9:00am - Round 1 begins.

Round 2 & 3 and any "bonus rounds" will start as soon as possible, independently by section. Players of games taking longer than 3 hours may request a 20-minute rest and recovery time for next round at tournament director discretion.

Some round 3 games may go as late as 6:30pm. You do not have to be present after round 3 to claim your prize.

Plan on a full day, and plan to provide your own lunch and snacks. Free fountain drinks are available. There are several restaurants within walking distance.

Do not leave children unattended. The tournament directors are not responsible for child care.